Caudillos…Love em or hate em?

Caudillos is the Spanish word for leader. This word usually describes a political/military leader. In Problems in Modern Latin American History an entire section is devoted to Caudillos. So, what makes them so important and why are they different from any other political/ military leaders?

Wood and Chasteen discuss in this section that historians either love Caudillos, or just the opposite.

Argentine Caudillo

Caudillos have been an important factor in Latin American history.

Caudillos have an army, are conservative leaders, and gain support through family and friend networking. Also, in Problems in Modern Latin American History a defining quality of a caudillo is how masculine he is (Page 66). Caudillos gain political control through force. Force comes in different ways depending on the caudillo. Social, economic, and through culture are some of the ways caudillos gain political power and control.

Are there modern examples of a Caudillos? Or can Caudillos even exist in the modern-day?

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One Response to Caudillos…Love em or hate em?

  1. Naman Jain says:

    Hi! What are your personal opinions on Caudillos, do you love or hate them?

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